Embraer develops communication systems that combine mobility and security in data and voice transmissions, from the tactical environment of the mission field to complex network operation centers (NOC), providing flexibility and scalable options accordingly to each client’s needs.

Tactical communications

Several types of radio communications systems distributed on the battlefield with high mobility and flexibility. Provide seamless secure data transmission from sensors to command and control centers, allowing real-time decision-making.

Strategic communications network

Wideband communications backbone with secure encrypted radio links able to interconnect different governmental and military organizations with high availability, providing high capacity links between the sensors and command and control centers.

Satellite communications

Fixed and mobile ground stations allow voice and data communication between sensors and military organizations located in remote regions.

Network operations center (NOC)

The NOC is a dedicated operations center to ensure the readiness and availability of critical communication systems in order to maintain the entire integrated network within satisfactory levels of reliability.